i'm not cute, i'm punk
So i blog random stuff and sometimes am the epitome of awkward... ok all the time...



do you ever say something and then 2 seconds later realize no no nOo nOONONOO I SHOULDNT HAVE SAID THAT



"Sometimes I just play Dan’s first video to annoy him" - Phil talking about watching old videos



Omfg today at school I was talking to my gay friend and some random kid walked by and called me a fag hag and I didn’t know what to do so I just went up to the kid and hugged him and I was like “it’s okay, once you come out you will discover your true self” and then he hugged me back and started crying and he said “it’s just so hard to feel accepted” and I just

the queer whisperer

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moral of the story don’t fall in love or else you will end up crying to mayday parade with your seventy six cats for the rest of your life


homework on the weekends is legal but gay marriage isn’t what is wrong with society


what if they took west side story and made a version where it was set in verona in the 1400s and instead of gangs there are two powerful italian families. i just think that would be really cool

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